Discover original voices, explore new ideas, imagine different worlds.

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One of the Parallel Aotearoa (an nz book store) branded nebula gradients. Primary coloured gradient shapes sit over a background texture of space, stars and celestial forms.

Get ready

to discover

worlds old

and new

A woman holds a helmet and looks upwards in a forest, red coloured smoke rising up behind her.
One of the Parallel Aotearoa (an nz book store) branded blob shapes. The brand shape filled with a colourful red, blue and neon green scene of space.

Aotearoa New Zealand’s bookstore

for all things alternate, imagined, and in-between

Discover our curated collection of speculative literature featuring the diverse voices of outsiders, innovators, and creators of all kinds.

Possible and impossible. Real and imagined.

Take a journey into the world of speculative literature.

An image has been taken with a dreamy filter or a woman dancing in light purple lights. The filter refractions mean a mirror image of her appears on each side.

Parallel is here to inspire curious minds, create community, and change the world.

Discover The Secret Journal

Meet our founders

Meet our founders

Meet our founders, the original Pathfinders, Luna and Jess.

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Behind our why

Behind our why

Like other bookstores, at Parallel we love pukapuka (books).  Unlike other bookstores, we’re not just about the books. 

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Hopeful curiosity

What we can imagine, we can create.

Creative expression

Curating beautiful things and joyful experiences.

Inclusive community

Building a place where all belong.