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Behind our why

Behind our why

Like other bookstores, at Parallel we love pukapuka (books). 

Unlike other bookstores, we’re not just about the books. Because it’s the people that make books great—the creatives and authors, the fans, and readers.

We champion the voices of underdogs, innovators, and gamechangers. 

We uplift LGBTQIA+ / Queer, neurodivergent, Indigenous, disabled, and Aotearoa New Zealand voices that have too long gone unnoticed and unheard.

And we create spaces where outsiders, in-betweeners, and people of all kinds can feel comfortable and safe to explore, discover, and play.

From our physical store, coffee house, and in-person events and hui (gatherings) to our online memberships and communities—we mahi (work) to make sure that the spaces where we connect as a community are safe, inclusive, accessible, and welcoming for all.

Whether you’re totally new to speculative literature—or deeply entrenched in a niche fandom—we can help you discover new worlds, new voices, and new ideas. And find wonder, hope, joy, and connection. 

Parallel’s kaupapa (values)

Hopeful curiosity—what we can imagine, we can create

We aren’t just about the dark, moody, and dystopian. We like to imagine alternate worlds that are full of colour, joy, and optimism. And we’re here to create a hopeful future, a better world, a more connected community.

Creative expression—curating beautiful things and joyful experiences

Form doesn’t always have to follow function and beautiful things can exist purely for delight, pleasure, and joy. We celebrate creativity, self-expression, and play. And we curate experiences and objects that enhance your passions and interests.

Inclusive community—building a place where all belong

We believe that our diversity and our differences don’t divide us but unite us in a beautiful, complex, shared humanity. And we believe it’s our diversity that can help us create a better world, together.

Look to learn more? Read our full values and what we stand for here.

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Hopeful curiosity

What we can imagine, we can create.

Creative expression

Curating beautiful things and joyful experiences.

Inclusive community

Building a place where all belong.