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Kawhe (coffee) and so good it's out of this world

In a bright yellow wall, a hand in a denim jacket pokes through holding a light blue mug with a deep blue Parallel brand icon on it.

Soft Brew Kawhe

Pour Over - $8
A hand-poured drip kawhe with our tailored brewing techniques that bring out the tasting notes in each cup. Available in both 1-2 cup Hario V60's.

Batch Brew - $6
A mighty fine cup of filter coffee brewed in our sunshine yellow Moccamaster.

Cold Brew - $6
House-made cold brew available in regular strength for sipping black or concentrate for espresso-mimicking milk inu (drinks).

Cold Brew Latte - $7
House-made cold brew sweetened with Muscovado simple syrup and mixed with milk.

For folks who love the flavour of kawhe, not just the kick from the caffeine.

Plant-based milks - Oat and Soy
Our kawhe tastes great on its own but if you’re a fan of milk we can offer one of our plant-based options. (At no extra charge!)
We are 100% dairy-free to reduce our enviro impact. But we promise your kawhe will still be yummy as without the dairy.

May your coffee kick in before reality does.

– 1899, Netflix 


Italian sodas - $6

Our fan-favourite fizzy drink: soda water topped with Little Pip's fresh fruit syrups.

Black Doris Plum
Strawberry Rhubarb

A woman with long pink air stands in an aquarium. the lighting around her is pink and light blue and makes for a sci-fi feel.

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