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A colourful collection of books in a rainbow organisation sits on old shelves.

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The Curious Minds Collective: Book Club

Find new works, discover new voices, and imagine new worlds—together.

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A woman with short curly hair sits in front of a dark blue background. A light colour projection of a star appears over one of her eyes.

Curious minds enter here

Join the Curious Minds Collective and journey through the wide world of speculative literature. 

Read a new pukapuka (book) selected by Parallel’s Pathfinders from our curated collection every month. And get together with an inclusive crew of curious minds for conversation and collective dreaming about our future world—and how we can create it individually and together.

The title is announced 8 weeks in advance (plenty of time to get your hands on it and read it!). And will be available to buy from Parallel or sent directly to you if you’ve chosen a membership and book option.

Hopeful curiosity

What we can imagine, we can create.

Creative expression

Curating beautiful things and joyful experiences.

Inclusive community

Building a place where all belong.